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Ensemble music changes your teaching method bringing in motivation, pleasure and fun to it.

Do you teach music to kids? Do you want to experience the pleasure of:

setting up an orchestra with your kids (middle school or music school);
increasing motivation and fun (even yours!); performing great music masterpieces;
arranging school concerts and gigs; taking part in music contests;
involving everybody (even the less talented).

All of this is possible: many of us are doing it already! Here you can find .WHAT, il HOW, il WHY.

WHAT: the scores

Here you can find lots of musical arrangements for ensemble music in schools, which I wrote after my direct experience as a middle school teacher. From the very easy piece, suitable for the first ensemble experiences to more and more complex ones, up to really demanding titles which test the most talented students' abilities out, many of which have been awarded in several competitions. Almost all of the scores have a second part for soprano flute, easier than the main one, meant to encourage the weaker students to actively participate in the orchestra.
The tunes that I elaborated belong to different genres and periods: European cultured music, folk songs, jazz-spiritual and pop songs.
Musicamedia scores have been written for instruments easy to find or to get in schools: soprano/contralto/tenor/bass recorder, xylophone, guitar, keyboard, small percussions.
They are available in digital (midi/pdf) or paper format (booklet ). Each single title includes the whole score along with the detached parts to give out to students. As for the contralto and bass flute the double version is available: real notes and transported notes (some of the first arrangements do not include the bass flute).
Each score has a web page where you can find a description and an image of the initial part as well as of other significant points, which allow you to have an idea of its lay out and its style. You will also find the 'demo' version, both in the midi format (in order to listen to the sound effect on your pc) and in the pdf format (to see and print the score): some of them come in a reduced but independent and feasible version. (Top)

How: didactics

You are convinced of the great validity of ensamble music, but maybe you are still undecided on how to start and how to proceed.
In the "Preface" section you will find the description of the Musicamedia orchestra along with other tips and ideas for ensamble music in schools.
In the "Didactics" section you will find useful and interesting pages for people who would like to work with ensamble music in schools.:
- my graduation thesis full of data, statistics, useful information and a full report on the experience carried out by 25 of our colleagues (only in Italian);
- a 4-stage studying method;
- a particular technique to tackle the difficult passages;
- methods for the different instruments (machine translation into English). (Top)

WHY: motivation

If you teach music in middle schools or run a music school, introducing ensamble music (if you haven't already done it) might be the turning point to improve motivation, pleasure and fun, both for your students and for yourself. Ensamble music allows the enhancement of your own dimension as a musician. (Top)

How to get the scores

If you decide to get the scores, you can:
- buy one or several groups of scores according to the suggested types (midi or pdf format)
- choose your preferred titles from the list (midi or pdf format);
- have the booklet delivered directly to your house, ready to use.
For the purchase of scores see the page "shop window"


Start immediately to see and listen to the demo versions of the scores and the variuos tips and ideas on how to set your work!

Ensamble music in schools? Yes, please!

See for yourself the characteristics of my scores!

Ask for a free pdf score now!.

Thank you for following me so far. I heartily hope that you will introduce ensamble music in your school, too, thus giving and getting amazing satisfaction. (Top)

Giovanni Ferracin

continued: preface

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