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In this section I collect useful contributions to the practice of ensemble music in the school. I bring my experience compared with the experiences of colleagues who have interviewed or with whom I had the opportunity to exchange opinions with the addition of interesting materials found online.

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Graduation thesis

It's my Thesis of bachelor in Didactics of Music for the Course of bachelor in Sciences of the Education, University of Trieste, center of Portogruaro. The survey, conducted in school year 2004/05, explores both the didactic and educational aspects, both practical and concrete of making music together in high school. It begins with the quantitative analysis of the actual situation in all schools in the province of Treviso (North-East of Italy) and then examine evidence of learning through a series of 25 interviews with teachers who apply and playing together in their normal teaching. It's a rich source of information and suggestions (For now only in Italian). ((Top)
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4-stage studying method

The best gift we can do for our students€ An effective method of study! In an age so receptive and malleable, educating them in daily practice to a solid method of learning means acquiring autonomy, develop their self-esteem, gain self-awareness, of his own limitations and their own talents. That's why I say that the method of study is the greatest gift that a teacher can do to their students. (Top)
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To play recorder

Fingerings, methods and tips to play better this humble but important instrument.(Top)
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